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Landlord Safety Checks

Landlord Safety Checks are essential for rental properties in the UK. If you own property that you rent out to tenants, you need to be aware of the safety requirements for the property.

A landlord in the UK is required by the law to make sure that any property available to rent assures uncompromised safety for the tenants. There are three main areas where landlords are expected to conduct thorough checks on an annual basis, these include:

Fire safety

Gas Safety

Electrical safety

A landlord must provide Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to their tenants.

Landlord Safety Checks

Fire safety regulations and the responsibilities of landlords

Install an alarm that can detect the smoke on each floor of the building.

Install carbon monoxide alarms in all the rooms that contain appliances that burn solid fuel’ for example, wood-burning or coal fire’ stove.

Make sure all the escape routes are easily accessible. It is the responsibility of the landlord to make sure that’ any furnishings and furniture’ including the carpets and curtains provided within the premise are safe’ from fire.

The best way to ensure this is to check the PAT label that states that each item complies with fire safety regulations.

The Landlords Electricity’ Safety Regulations

According to the law, landlords must make sure electrical systems, including light fittings and sockets within the property, are safe. They must also make sure that various electrical appliances already in the property are documented on the tenancy, for example, lamps and cookers.

Landlords are required to carry out visual inspection of the tenancies electrical system and provide free appliance tests fixed on various items for the electricity supplied in the building. Ensuring the property contains sufficient’ residual current RCD or device located at the fuse’ box. Ensuring tenants are protected’ against dangerous electric shocks through an electric current on switch’ in case one accidentally comes into contact with a live section of a circuit.

They must assure the most professional inspection is conducted at the end of every five-year tenancy. It is a requirement by the law, especially if the property rented out is HMO’. The inspection results will be spelt out on the Electrical’ Installation Condition Report helps towards the identification of whether an electrical system is safe.

Landlords Responsibilities on Gas Safety Regulations

Fuel and gas appliances need to be checked yearly by a Gas’ Registered Engineer This may include gas cookers, boilers and hobs. Get a gas safety’ check record copy and ensure its provided to the existing tenants within a period of 28’ days of successful check conducted. A copy of this must also be offered’ to new tenants moving in.

The Energy Performance’ Certificate

England and Wales Energy Efficiency regulations of the year 2015’ provided the minimum energy level’ efficiency for the rented properties in Wales and England.

To prove that a rented out property meets this, whenever’ issuing an agreement for the new tenancy, the landlord must present an Energy Performance’ Certificate (EPC) to the tenants.