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Boiler Servicing

Boiler servicing is essential for keeping your heating system in good working condition. It will keep the heat working when you need it and save you money on expensive repair work.

Boiler manufacturers recommend annual basis servicing; this ensures that it will continue working effectively without any issues. Servicing will also minimise the risk of breakdowns, which may be costly to repair.

There are many hazards of not servicing your boiler regularly. It could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or even going for weeks if not months without hot water.

The last thing you would wish for is your boiler failing during winter when you need it the most. By servicing your boiler annually, you will reduce the chances of it breaking down and having to incur additional avoidable costs.

Boiler Servicing

What to Expect During Boiler Servicing

The engineer will conduct the following activities on your boiler to ensure it does not break down in the future.

  • Tests are performed on the boiler to find out the rate at which your boiler is consuming gas.
  • The engineer will inspect the boiler visually and look for any possible leaks and corrosion.
  • Inspect the controls of your boiler to ascertain they are working correctly.
  • A combustion test will be carried out to be sure that there are no unwanted emissions from your boiler.
  • Assess electrical connections, checking that the links are in place and there are no aimlessly lying cables that are not insulated.
  • Ventilation is monitored, ensuring the boiler has breathing space and access to fresh air.

Who to Call if your Boiler Breaks Down

If your boiler acts up, here are some steps you should first undertake before contacting us.

  • Check the warranty; If the warranty period is still active, then you could get it fixed for you for free by your provider.
  • Confirm whether your home insurance covers your boiler. In most home policies, it is usually an add-on.
  • If you stay at a rented premise, then the landlord should be responsible for paying for the boiler’s repairs.