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Bathroom Installation

Are you looking for a reliable bathroom installation service in the Rutland area? Our experienced team offer a professional service at the best prices.

What do you check for when looking for bathroom installation services?

The last thing you’d expect from your installer is amateurishly fitting the bathroom. There are a lot of companies offering bathroom installation services throughout the UK. Other online retailers require that you book an installer yourself. To check what homeowners consider when looking for bathroom installation services, we did a quick survey to help find a solution which works for all. Here is an overview of the survey results.

According to a recent survey by Which, the following stats come from customers who have recently had a bathroom installed:

Bathroom Installation

30% of homeowners used the company which sold them the bathroom handle the installations services too.

9% hired technicians, which the company recommended.

41% needed to find their bathroom installation service.

9% installed the bathrooms on their own.

5% had a family member or friend install the bathroom.

Out of the people surveyed, 47% said that they looked for their installers because they just preferred it that way. 23% chose to hire workers because of their reputation, i.e., they had hired them before, and 6 per cent hired private installation technicians because they charged more affordable rates.

If you are considering a bathroom installation, and require a reliable fitting service, get in touch today.

Not all companies which offer reduced rates are reliable though. If you’re looking for companies which provide low-cost bathroom installation services, then you need a fitter that you can trust. Robert Cliff Ltd have a long history of providing a first-class service for bathroom installations.

When the installation services are completed, be sure to get the seal of approval for building regulations. These may include ventilation, drainage, and electrics, etc. Your glass should also meet safety standards.

Common Bathroom Installation Problems

There are several problems which homeowners can experience during bathroom installations. According to a Which survey, 62% of homeowners didn’t have any issues with their bathroom installations. However, 38% had problems which ranged from poor quality to long turnaround times, etc.

15% complained of poor service in the installation.

6% pointed out to receiving wrong parts for installation.

6% incurred extra costs in additional services offered during the installation.

5% complained of their technicians delaying the installation.

5% claimed that the installation was put on hold because they didn’t have all the items delivered on time.

4% said that the parts did not fit well.

4% pointed out to poor quality service.

3% got substitute parts or units supplied at their request.

3% had the installation delayed at their request.

3% of installers damaged their properties.

3% of the technician damaged some of the bathroom components.

2% complained of parts not being available.

1% got substitute parts supplied when they hadn’t approved them.

1% complained of the technicians damaging their bathroom furniture.

We want you to avoid any of the problems that can arise from choosing a sub-standard installation company.

Robert Cliff Ltd take pride in the high quality of our bathroom installations. We offer a 100% satisfaction rate for all of our bathroom fitting services.